Years of war have left their mark on the continent, whole civilizations have been lost to time, countries decimated and citadels left in ruins… but the familiar threat lurches back into view on the horizon, the bitter stench of war seems to grow in potency as with every passing day the shadow of war moves ever closer to the continent. The guards keep watch while the shadows lie in wait. It’s time to rebuild the great cities that which were lost and wage war against your enemies. your quest? its for you to find out..

Join us on Arcane Craft!

☀Our server has a custom world filled with warring nations, each with their own race, with a lot of in-depth lore! With multiple staff-built dungeons to explore, there's always something to do!

- History

- Nations

- Races

- Custom Herbs

- Creatures

- Magic

- Religion


Arcane craft
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